Press Releases

Audit Warns City Leaders of Pension Insolvency
April 20, 2014

Back-to-Back: Oakland Auditor Ruby and Her Office ReceiveTwo of Industry’s Highest National Honors for Achievement
April 2, 2014

Parking Ticket Management Audit Triggers $2.3 in Parking Refunds
December 19, 2013 

Audit Finds Fire Prevention in Oakland Hills Needs Improvement
November 19, 2013

Alarming Issues Found with Oakland's Management of Workers' Compensation
October 1, 2013

City Auditor Ruby's Office Meets Highest Professional Standards
September 5, 2013

Audit Showed Two Oakland Councilmembers Violated Law by Exerting Inappropriate Influence in City Contracting and Operations
March 21, 2013

Citizens Overpay Parking Tickets By $316,000; City Has Not Previously Notified Citizens Of Unclaimed Funds
December 20, 2012

Fraud Awareness Week Casts Spotlight on  White Collar Crime
November 9, 2012 

Audit Finds Oakland Mismanaged Police Technology Systems
August 1, 2012

Dashes, Periods and Other Typos Can Be Costly Mistakes for City
March 28, 2012

Paige Alderete Named Oakland’s New Assistant City Auditor
March 1, 2012

Review Found Oakland Strayed from Its Own Policies for Bilingual and Notary Pay, while Providing 80% Higher Pay Rate Than Nearby Cities
December 7, 2011

Fraud Awareness Week Cast Spotlight on White Collar Crime
November 8, 2011

Audit Details Fox Theater Renovation’s $33M to $91M Cost Growth
October 4, 2011

Report Finds Oakland’s Ranked Choice Voting Subcontractor Appropriately Used City Funds and the City Administration Demonstrated Timely Contract Oversight
August 17, 2011

Audits Find Oakland Accumulated Funds for Emergency Services Despite Voter Mandate to Spend
July 14, 2011

Audit Finds Oakland Established 19 of 19 Internal Controls Compliance Requirements for Recovery Act Funds
June 22, 2011

Decision to Issue Pension Obligation Bonds Remains Unanswered as Budget Talks Continue
May 20, 2011

Survey Finds Oakland Employee Perceptions of City Ethics OK but Needs Work
Feb. 17, 2011

Audit Finds Oakland's Illegal Dumping Deterrence Skews Accuracy of City's Expected Revenue
Dec. 16, 2010

Audit Finds Oakland Lost Track of $14M in Loan Receivables and Deferred Revenue
Nov. 18, 2010

Pension Obligation Bonds Could Provide Needed Short-term Relief to Oakland
Oct. 21, 2010

Be Accurate - Auditor Ruby Warns Publicly Funded Candidates
Oct. 14, 2010

Audit Finds Oakland Complied with Library Ballot Measure, yet Past Issues Remain Unresolved
Sep. 20, 2010

Oakland Auditor Ruby's Compliance Review Finds Nancy Nadel's 2008 Campaign Finances Mostly Compliant
Jun. 30, 2010

City Auditor Ruby Finds up to $120,000 in Mishandled Revenue within the Residential Parking Program
Jun 23, 2010

Auditor Ruby Finds Oakland Followed Rules in Awarding Parking Citation Contract yet Improvements are Needed
Jun. 18, 2010

City Auditor Ruby's Office Earns Highest Professional Standards
Mar. 16, 2010

Oakland's Hiring Practices Audit Finds a Lack of Leadership, Weak System Controls and Nepotism
Oct. 21, 2009

Better Oversight Needed for City's Grant Management for Measure Y Violence Prevention Program
Aug. 31, 2009

Audit Finds City Owes Kids First! $647,000
Jul. 6, 2009

City Auditor Courtney Ruby Urges Preservation of City Assets with Public Works Audit
Apr. 29, 2009

City Auditor Courtney Ruby Finds Library Funds Mostly Spent in Accordance with Measure Q
Oct. 27, 2008

Whistleblower Protections Signed Into Law
Oct. 1, 2008

Whistleblower Protection Bill Heads to Governor's Desk
Aug. 11, 2008

Oakland City Auditor, City Attorney Propose Critical Government Reform Package
Jul. 9, 2008

City Auditor Courtney Ruby Audits Measures M and N, Finds $2.8 Million Waiting to Be Spent
Jun. 30, 2008

City Auditor Ruby Finds City Exceeded Required Funding for Children and Youth Services
May 29, 2008

City Auditor Ruby Audits Local Campaign
May 13, 2008

Oakland City Auditor Ruby Partners with Assembly Member Swanson to Pass Whistleblower Legislation
Apr. 23, 2008

Ruby Releases City of Oakland Payroll Audit
Nov. 29, 2007