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Recently the City conducted an independent, outside review of the employee management practices in the City Auditor’s Office. While I did not agree with the basis for the review, I fully cooperated with the process, and in the end, I was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Since these are personnel issues, I cannot and would not, out of respect for my former employees, disclose information that would put their privacy at risk. Anyone who has ever managed people knows that it’s not always the right fit and I am sorry they are struggling with the consequences of that.

The City has a policy that calls on us to ‘be courteous at all times,’ while handling tough and complex decisions. Yet, the very nature of my position is to demand accountability and proper fiscal practices, and request high expectations of me and my team.

I care deeply about my team in City Hall—and I care deeply about making Oakland work better for its people. Part of caring deeply means that I’m committed to constantly working to improve my office and the way I run it. And that personal and professional work never stops.

As Oakland’s elected City Auditor, my priority is to serve the public with the highest standards of integrity by ensuring responsible, transparent practices and serving the community.

It is no secret that Oakland has very serious challenges. That’s why I’ve focused my recent efforts on areas of concern to Oaklanders, such as housing. The Rent Adjustment Program audit was pivotal in bringing about significant changes to Oakland’s housing and rental program. I am gratified that my team’s Rent Adjustment Program audit has been recognized with the Knighton Award.

The people of this city rightfully expect a lot from all of us. I am committed to continuing to meet these expectations with the highest standards. I look forward to continuing to do so with the assistance of our City leaders and especially my staff, whom I greatly value and respect.

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