Peer Review

As a key quality control mechanism, the Office of the City Auditor receives a peer review at least once every three years. This is an audit of the Auditor's Office by a team of independent auditors from other governmental jurisdictions. This outside auditing group performs an audit to determine whether or not an audit organization's work meets government auditing standards.

In July 2013, the Office of the City Auditor underwent its second, rigorous peer review conducted by the Association of Local Government Auditors. The review found the Office's reports to be well supported and its internal operations to be fully compliant with national standards, guaranteeing that its work is both credible and reliable.

In 2010, the first peer review analyzed the Office of the City Auditor's work since Auditor Ruby took office and found that the Office met the highest possible standards of performance in government auditing. This audit, covering the years 2007-2009, also highlighted the comprehensiveness of the Office's policies and procedures, as well as the dedication to technical competence within the staff.

"The Auditor's Office is working diligently on behalf of the citizens to hold Oakland's city government accountable. This peer review provides the public the assurance that I, as your City Auditor, am first and foremost holding myself accountable and that I demand nothing less of the City then I do of my own Office. I am honored to be City Auditor, and I am honored to lead a team of dedicated professionals committed to upholding the highest professional standards," City Auditor Ruby stated.

As soon as Auditor Ruby took office in 2007 she requested a peer review for the work of the previous Auditor's Office from 2004 to 2006; while the Office did not pass that initial review, it did provide a starting point to initiate rapid improvement for the Oakland Auditor's Office. The results of that investigation are available for download by following this link.

Based upon the conclusions presented by the 2007 peer review team, Auditor Ruby quickly instituted policies and procedures to ensure strict adherence to Government Auditing Standards and guarantees that the Office adheres to the highest standard of professionalism and performance.

After two successful peer reviews, it is clear that Auditor Ruby is delivering on her promise of a model audit organization to the citizens of Oakland.